BioClean Ecological Solutions

BioClean Ecological Solutions Ltd. imports and markets advanced products and technologies in the following fields:
1. Sewage system treatment – Unique substances for preventing sewage blockage and odors (BioClean). Treating tree roots in sewers, using an American patented material called Rootx.
2. Gray water treatment – Using bacteria to prevent bad odor and the accumulation of sludge in tanks.
3. Air conditioning treatment – Cleaning and disinfecting air conditioning systems ranging from household units to large systems.
4. Grease and soot removal and cleaning, cleaning industrial surfaces and equipment using an organic concentrate called BioSolve.

The solutions offered by BioClean are suitable for the private consumer – apartments, private homes and condominiums – and for the institutional consumer.

BioClean is an ISO 9000 compliant Ministry of Defense vendor, supplying products nationwide to the Israel Electric Company, Israel Airports Authority, Kibbutzim, municipalities, hotels, nursing homes, maintenance companies, plumbers and more.

BioClean operates a free telephone consultation service for its clients, aimed at assisting and providing them with an appropriate solution.



Phone: +972-3-551-7035